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Mr. Toad features a bevy of Hot Drinks to keep you warm on a cold winter’s night!  All are served with a dollop of our fresh homemade whipping cream.

Coffee Drinks

Brandy Mocha Almond (brandy, amaretto & chocolate).

Bailey’s & Coffee (classic Bailey’s Irish Cream).

Cafe Amore (Courvoisier & amaretto)

Cafe Cancun (Kapali, Irish cream & Sambuca with a sugared rim).

Cafe Tadpole (Kapali, Courvoisier & Irish cream)

Cafe Toad (Frangelico, Bacardi Coco & Irish cream)

Mr Toad’s Irish Coffee ( made famous at Mr. Toad for more than 35 years)

Cafe Seattle (Vodka, Irish Cream & chocolate)

Chocolate Almond Joy (Godiva Dark, Amaretto with a sugared rim)

Coffee Nudge (Godiva, Kapali, Brandy)

Hot Irish Nut (Frangelico, Amaretto & Irish Cream)

Kioki Coffee (Brandy, Kapali, Creme de Cacao & a cherry)

Rick’s Choco-Razz (Chateau Monet, Godiva & Chocolate)

Mr. Toad’s Special Coffee (Our special 5 liquor blend, served in a large snifter & piled with our homemade whipping cream)

Hot Drinks without coffee

Hot Toddy (Bourbon or Brandt, Hot water, Lemon, Sugar)

Spiked Hot Tea (suggested spikes: Brandy, Blackberry brandy or Apricot brandy)

Hot Mudslide (Kapali, vodka, Irish cream in hot chocolate)

Bailey’s & Hot Chocolate (Classic Bailey’s Irish Cream in hot chocolate)

Chocolate Kiev (Stoli Vanil, amaretto in hot chocolate)

Peppermint Patty (Peppermint schnapps, Creme de cacao in hot chocolate)

Beer | Wine | Liquors | Hot Drinks | Classic Cocktails

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